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Holiday Inn [Blu-ray]

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I can't say enough good things about this movie. ahhh...what a classic. a must see every holiday season. the music and dancing is fantastic.

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Warm and delightful - crosby sings and astaire dances

White christmas sung by bing crosby, first solo followed by duet with marjorie reynolds with his pipe hitting the bells of the christmas tree, in the first half hour of the movie alone is a classic number not to be missed. however, the movie offers much more than meets the eye. the plot itself is simple yet clever. the trio hardy(bing crosby), hanover(fred astaire), lila(virginia dale) separated after one christmas performance, with hanover stealing lila, hardy's fiancée, leaving hardy to retire alone to his connecticut farmhouse. in the second christmas and new year's eve, hanover, deserted by lila, could only find consolation in visiting hardy at his farmhouse converted holiday inn. there hanover met a mysterious and perfect dancing partner in his dream, linda(marjorie reynolds), whom hardy was eager to hide and keep. with sheer determination and tricks, hanover could again outwit hardy to discover the true identity of linda, hardy's fiancée, and lure her (again!) to hollywood. it took a third christmas for the four of them to free themselves from this tangled web. the idea of having a holiday inn which opened for 15 holidays throughout the year is ingenious. in no more natural setting can attractive numbers be inserted at christmas, lincoln's birthday, valentine's day, washington's birthday, easter parade, independence day as in this movie. the elegant and radiant marjorie reynolds sang beautifully with bing crosby and danced gracefully with fred astaire, so was virginia dale. added to it the lively performance of the trio's agent (walter abel) and bing crosby's cook mamie(louise beavers) with two cute child actors. this is such a warm and delightful holiday movie that one can thoroughly enjoy every of the 100 minutes of singing and dancing. plus, the b&w quality is superb.

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15 irving berlin songs!

As with most musicals of that day, holiday inn's plot is secondary to its score. here, a song and dance team are splitsville after the dancer steals the crooner's showgirl amour. the unemployed ex-singer buys and converts a new england farmhouse into a rustic hostel that he only operates during major holidays. all is well until the former partner reappears and immediately tries claiming his buddy's new sweety. a memorable irving berlin score features the famous version of crosby's biggest hit, "white christmas" plus "easter parade," the wwi soldier novelty "oh, how i hate to get up in the morning," and a dozen other memorable tunes. (watch for a santa claus cameo by 3 stooges foil bud jamison.) related item-- in 1954, bing reprised his signature piece (this time in technicolor) in the very first vistavision motion picture, . . parenthetical number preceding title is a 1 to 10 imdb user poll rating. (7.4) holiday inn (1942) - bing crosby/fred astaire/marjorie reynolds/virginia dale (uncredited: irving berlin/bud jamison/leon belasco