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Home Away From Home

Missy whaley,rainbowheart and wings |

A deep rooted and necessary model of childcare for the young child

I am a mother of three children; 27,19 and 6. i have a small early childhood program and i open this book often as a reminder of the importance of the work i do with children. this book will support those working with children. if these practices are followed this book could change our world one child at a time. the "lifeways model" is long overdue in our culture. the authors write in a style that welcomes all readers. their intention clearly describes and promotes caring for a child on many levels that will support their physical,emotional and spiritual development. this book supports parents,children and caregivers describing a lens that deepens the understanding of and the necessity of community that is filled with diversity that will support a child with an intention allow them to grow to their greatest potential. i recommend this book to anyone who shares any time with children.

Yummyyum |

Best child care approach ever!

If you are looking for a nurturing, organic and natural way to raise children this is a must for you. the lifeways approach takes its model at home and therefore it is healthy and developmentally adequate. the book (and the program)applies not only to day cares but parents, grand parents and every person who takes cares of small children, and is very enriching not only for the children but for the care givers as well! if you are to read one book about early childhood care, read this one!

Deanna clopton |

Ever wonder how we can better serve those in childcare?

I have been in early childhood education for over 20 years but have always felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing. a couple of years ago, i was able to attend a lifeways workshop and i knew i had found what i was looking for. in the book, "home away from home," readers are given a thorough overview into a style of childcare that nurtures everyone involved - the children, parents and caregiver. the lifeways approach can be used in either a home daycare or center. activities such as stoytelling, picking vegetables from the garden for lunch, and feeling a warm wash cloth on your hands and face after eating are part of the everyday routine. children are also given substantial time for creative play both indoors and out. by being in the company of the same caregivers as the child grows, a deep understanding takes place and the child feels loved and appreciated. parents aren't forgotten either. they are encouraged to linger, help their child with their routines and attend special gatherings and celebrations. by the time you are finished with this book, you will have a good understanding of what the lifeways approach looks like. this book also delves into many of the questions you might have about how to make this approach work for you.