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Homes that they share


Hope for the future

I think this is a terrific book. the message is clearly presented: conservation of habitat can assist with conservation of charismatic species, and people are more likely to become engaged in conservation of habitat when they understand and relate to the animals. this is a beautifully written and marvelously illustrated invitation to become engaged in zoos and to become engaged in saving the world. this book invites parents to take their children to the zoo, and guides them through engaging activities while they are there. the book presents a very nice story about some large animal written as if presented by a child, and then relates that story to the native habitat of the animal. i think we need more books like this that get parents and children involved in understanding and being exited about nature. people who take the time to go to the zoo and otherwise spend time outside better understand the value of the natural world and are more likely to develop a sense of place and become involved in saving the things in which they believe. this wonderful children's book will help many people gain a greater appreciation of the workd of animals and habitats.

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Highly recommended, especially as an inexpensive souvenir book for young animal lovers after a trip to the zoo

Presented in the format of a softcover picturebook, homes that they share tells of a young person's experience learning about wild creatures at the zoo. an educational book written to foster awareness of wildlife and the need for conservation, homes that they share informs young readers about the difficult lives that wild animals have. "very few siberian tigers are left in the world today. tigers are killed because their bones, ground up in medicines, are used to treat human illnesses. humans also hunt the roe and sika deer that tigers need to survive. tigers need vast, healthy forests. if we protect the forests for tigers, we also protect lynx, black storks and blooming hillsides of rhododendron that are found in the home that they share." highly recommended, especially as an inexpensive souvenir book for young animal lovers after a trip to the zoo.