Brand : honsing

Honsing Soprano Ukulele Beginner Hawaii kids Guitar Uke Basswood 21 inches with Gig Bag- Rainbow Stripes Color matte finish

Lindsey m |

Great ukelele

Received as a gift. the strings that came with mine don't seem to be a problem, as are in some of the more negative reviews. looking at it, it would be easy enough to restring if needed. love the sound and color and look forward to learning to play this thing.

Justpeachy |

The color is very vibrant and fun to look at it

I got this for my son's 9th birthday, since he really wanted a ukulele. he loves it! the color is very vibrant and fun to look at it. he is very proud of his ukulele and wants to show everybody. he loves the bag that it comes with and takes good care of it. it is a perfect fit to store the ukulele. i would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a beginner's ukulele.

Amy0905 |

I love it!

According to some reviews, falling out of tune is an issue with the strings, not the ukulele itself. i just ordered a new set of strings, so i hope it will stay in tune with them on it; i'll update my review when it is re-strung. i hope it remedies the tuning issue because otherwise i really love this thing and would hate to have to send it back. update: i re-strung it with d'addario strings and i couldn't be happier!