Brand : Nelly d'Este

Hot Mines - A Contemporary Bad Boy Romance (Good Girls Love Bad Boys Book 1)

B nelson |

Great story and steamy

Really had a good time with this story. amber and kyle were those wonderful kind of characters that captivate and bring the book to life. i was there. hot mines - a contemporary bad boy romance (good girls love bad boys book 1) by nelly d'este is more than a steamy romance, it’s a page turner. highly recommended. five stars.

Mohammad abbassi |

Great storyline

Very good novel. i enjoyed how it was not just another erotic novel that was loaded with random events, but actually had a very deep story line to it. thank you for this book, i enjoyed every page and i highly recommend it :)

Booklover |

Loved it!

Great story from the beginning. the sexual tension between amber and kyle is intense! i cannot wait for book two to come out!