Brand : David Baldacci

Hour Game

Kindle customer |

Excellent as always!

I love king and maxwell together, they make a great team. the book had so many characters, at times it was hard to keep up with them. glad we can xray the book. this one had me fooled completely. a shocking conclusion, a fast paced book, hard to put down. baldacci has an unbelievable imagination! there were so many things happening at once, truly keeps you in suspense as you rapidly turn the pages. i highly recommend this book, a true winner!

Eugene ellison |

Excellent plot twist!

This book really sparks the imagination and puts you in the position of joining the sleuthing duo of baldacci's king and maxwell characters. the character development of the members of this story as well as the continuation from book 1 of the series is excellent.

Fred rayworth |

Another good one

Another king and maxwell story sends them on the path of a serial killer. this one strikes close to home, the action taking place right in town where king lives and maxwell took up residence. as usual, there were lots of twists and turns and plenty to keep me guessing. however, it took quite a while to get somewhere. the bodies kept dropping like flies yet our two heroes didn't seem to be making any progress. add to that, another fly in the ointment with someone else killing people. by the time it came to the main killer, i was taken by surprise. then the other shoe hit when i found out about the second killer. the ending was mostly satisfying. i had no idea it was a leading into the book i'm reading right now. i bought two more king and maxwell books and happened to pick up the next one by random and in the first few chapters, learned it took up right after this story ended. i had a great time with this story. i had maybe not quite as much fun as some of the others, but still enough that i couldn't find enough to take off any stars. highly recommended.