Brand : How Great Thou Art: Music Arranger of Selected Compositions - Ed Bogas

How Great Thou Art & Climb Every Mountain

Djh |

Made my mom's last days more pleasant

We played this numerous times in the last few months of my mom's life. she loved the music and the wonderful scenes from all over the world. it was calming if she was stressed and made sitting with her at the end so much easier.

God chaser |

You can easily imagine yourself being there

The natural scenery is spectacular. you can easily imagine yourself being there. the "how great thou art" video is slightly more vivid than "climb every mountain." nonetheless, both are splendid. they tend to make my problems disappear when i watch them. to think that there is a divine being who made this entire universe, and created all of this beauty for us to enjoy assures me that surely, he can take care of someone like me. i would like to have a copy of this dvd for each room of my home where viewing equipment is available.

Linda dansberger |

Armchair journey of god's creations

How great thou art and climb every mountain is a beautiful cd. i use to enjoy them on vhs tapes several years ago and was delighted that they are now on cd. the timely instrumental and vocal hymns playing in the background just enhance the magnificence of our creator's love for us. sit back and enjoy these 2 hour long masterpieces. a double feature of nature that i highly recommend!