Brand : HyperX

HyperX KHX-H3CLW Cloud Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4, PS4 Pro, Mac, Mobile and VR - White

Anthony w |

Better than expected

These headphones are just great. not only do they completely cancel noise when worn, the persons not wearing them cannot hear whatever you are listening to either. i can game in peace within my barracks finally.

Darius |

Great headset with little to no down sides.

I bought these about 6 months ago. i probably have over 400 hours of use on these and they are still going strong. during the break in period they are slightly muffled but after about 10 hours of use they became very crisp. i use it for gaming, music and movies and have yet to find a fault in sound quality in any category. microphone is more than adequate for online chat, sometimes i even plug it into my phone using the 2 to 1 adapter while i facetime because it just makes that big of a difference in my voice heard by the other person. obviously it also makes the sound better on my end. super comfortable for my head, everyone has a different shape head so it may or may not be comfy for you. all of my roomates (4) would agree with me, very comfy. i sometimes wear the hyper x for up to 12 hours with minimal breaks, several days in a row, while i study for my exams. pros: -very good sound quality for any application -noise cancelling (i'd estimate it cuts surrounding noise level in half, completely noise cancelling when playing music, movie, etc..) -comfortable with extra over ear suede foam pads. -lots of extra cable, removable if necessary. -removable mic -good mic quality -durable, shows no signs of wear even with 400+ hours of use -looks good -packaging was over the top, i like it. -amazing value at 70 dollars. cons: -extra suede over ear foam pads are not as noise canceling as the pleather pads. (unfortunate because i really like the look and feel of the suede set) -braided cords have very very minimal fray ends near 3.5mm jack. (may develop into something more serious after a few years) -large drivers are not fully utilized without an average dedicated sound card. i love this headset, its comfy, light, good sounding, and good looking while simultaneously being inexpensive for what it is.

Sam |

These are by far the most comfortable headset i have ever worn

These are by far the most comfortable headset i have ever worn. the design is sleek and it is well made. most headsets nowadays come with leatherette ear cups and i can't stand it. so i was happy to see the hyperx cloud had replaceable velour ear cushions. (the cloth ones) that was a huge plus for me.the soft leather band on the headset makes your skull feel like you are in heaven. too many headset makers don't care much for the pressure a headset puts on your noggin. hyperx does. i have had these 2 months prior to the recent release and not one sign of wear, and trust me i have a huge head!