Brand : Caroll Spinney

I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

Peggiann777 |

Worth a watch!

I enjoyed the caroll spinney documentary very much. it was very interesting and neat to learn a little bit about behind-the-scenes of my favorite childhood show and characters. it brought back so many wonderful memories and seeing what went into making one of the sesame street shows was awesome! caroll spinney is an amazing artist and absolutely made big bird the hit he is even today. watch it, especially if you watched sesame street in its early years.

Wendy bryant |

Simply a must

For those of you who can appreciate the wonders in this world need to watch this. caroll and everyone in this are a true inspiration. to not watch this would be a tremendous loss on your part. enjoy the magic!!

Carmera thomas |

Even adults love sesame street!

This was a great story! i grew up watching sesame street, and big bird was my favorite! i love how it really went into detail about caroll's life and the craft of puppeteers! great documentary!