Brand : David Roberts

Iceland: Land of the Sagas

Emmie |

Past and present; prose and pictures

For those who may never venture to iceland, the duo of krakauer and roberts will give you a taste of the icelandic culture, without the salt. while krakauer captures the scenery, including salt cod drying in the open air, roberts fills in the text with the myths and legends. having recently returned from iceland, i can attest that krakauer's sumptuous photography truly depicts iceland. rugged peaks, sod houses, and the realm where glaciers and clouds meet are worthy additions to the book's visual feast. however, it should be noted that the best way to see these is to make the journey, too!

Patty |

If you're going to iceland this book is good background

I knew krakower as a writer, now i know him as a photographer. wonderful photos and good information about iceland make this book worthwhile.

Patricia culleton |

My son and family are going to iceland in august ...

My son and family are going to iceland in august and the book gave them history to prepare them for the trip.