Brand : Truman Capote

In Cold Blood

Sebastian |

A non-fiction masterpiece!

Truman capote's most famous book "in cold blood" is a non-fiction classic for a good reason. never had i been so pleased by reading a book of this genre since i read george orwell's novel about the spanish civil war "homage to catalonia". this book will accomplish to inmerse you inside the essence of a real crime, with an almost perfect attention to detail, the amazing storytelling of an american masterful writer, and an astonishing characterization that will make you feel like you really met the murderers of the clutter family.

Amazon customer |

An synoptic analysis of in cold blood

All together, this book is masterfully written by truman capote. the way he relates every minute detail in an intricate systematic summary is enamoring. i'd recommend this book to college students looking to pass the time with a foreboding on fringe-of-society true adventure story.

Philip mccarron |

How do you review perfection?

My reviewing this book is like asking me to review the bible. there are some things that are so ... perfect ... you keep your opinions to yourself and let it stand on its own. this is most definitely one of them.