Brand : In the Breeze

In the Breeze It's 5 O'Clock Everywhere Beer Mug Drink Spinner

Lesa l. howell |

Cute patio or garden decoration

I love this spinner!! i leave it out all year long so eventually the clear plastic of the glass yellows and the colors of the fabric fade (after 2 years usually), so i buy a new one. but it's because i love it so much. i am sure if you put it away over the late fall and winter months, it would look good for many many years.

Summertime4 |

Love it

Haven't seen a wine glass wind sock. it is adorable. i live in a cute apartment complex, and always tell people "it's in the back, upstairs with a red wine glass spinner". they never have trouble finding me.

S. zolnosky |

They held up great, just the right size

Used these at the blues & brews festival on our camper awning and got tons of compliments. they held up great, just the right size. someone had commented that the little "umbrella" looking cap over the foam was "clever" as it looked like the rocky mountains ... lol didn't see that 'till they mentioned it and it does .. no fading and we had them up for 5 days