Brand : Mitsuaki Iwago

In the Lion's Den


Very informative book for all lion lovers.

This is a very informative book about lions. the book has lots of pictures. there are some pictures that contain blood in it. though it's only because it shows a lion killing its prey. as a lion lover i really enjoyed this book. i've been trying to locate a book like this one. there are also cute pictures of lion cubs playing around. overall it's a very nice and informative picture book about the "king of the beasts".

Sulaiman alabdulateef |

Visit to the lion's den

Again agwa innovates in his new book.titled in the lion's den. when you hold this book and begins to get over it, the introductory page signifies to you that the lion invites you to enter its inn to enjoy your visit. in its in you will see the splendors and mysteries of its world : its life. marriage. killing tendency. children care. and hunting.. etc. you can see all this through exciting and eye-catching pictures. with its nice color about wild life. agwa draws artistic masterpiece in light for forest king the lion. it is a lovely book for those who love lions and appreciate high quality photographing.

Dr |

A really good set of photos that cover most aspects of lions and lion pride life

See the amazon description above this is an excellent set of photos that cover much of the life of lions and the pride. the author has selected a number of telling images . the photos capture the lions and lionesses in the many roles they play, along with the wonderful photos of the cubs. you see the lion marking his territory, fending off nomadic lions, resting ang enjoying the cubs as well as getting the first go at the also see lions mating to secure the next generation. there is also a picture of 5 lion brothers at a watering hole-- they would make a strong coalition in a pride takeover attempt. lionesses are seen alone or together, out hunting there are a number of photos of lionesses with cubs of various ages, nursing them, carrying one in her mouth, walking down a path, and the pride at rest, or at a watering hole. there are views of kills. summary i was really pleased with the book. like the other reviewers, one would have to say the text is brief ( several other books i have by japanese photographers are similar-- i presume it is the language gap ) image production could be better, but for me the number of first class images well outweighed this objection.