Brand : Michael Allen Dymmoch

Incendiary Designs: A Caleb & Thinnes Mystery (Caleb & Thinnes Mysteries Book 3)

Constance |

This is a really good series that stands out from the crowd

This is a really good series that stands out from the crowd. this is not a cozy "cat" type mystery. the mystery/crime components remain interesting through the series, but the building of the friendship between straight cop and gay psychiatrist is what shines. the first book is set in the late 80s or early 90s, and the evolution of the relationship over the life of the series is outstanding.

Debra d. jeakins |

A barn burner

This story starts out with a dead police officer. the pace just keeps going as john thinnes and his fellow officers look for a crazy cult. a barn burner!!


Best tour of chicago since bueller

Psychiatrist dr. jack caleb is jogging in chicago's lincoln park when he hears some chanting. when he goes in the direction of the noise he observes a cultist mob about to burn a police car with the cop inside the vehicle. his presence puts a halt to the festivities and the wannabe arsonists flee the scene. later on, the officer's partner arlette banks is found dead, a victim of a stoning. the chicago police department assigns john thinnes to investigate the case, which circumstantially point towards the cult. however, the case becomes more complicated when members of the cult begin to die in what appears to be a series of arson fires. soon, evidence surfaces that makes the prime suspect appear to be dr. morgan, a close friend of jack. to prove his buddy, who he wants a closer relationship with, is innocent, jack sets in motion a plan that, if it fails, will leave him and john burnt to a crisp the third thinnes-caleb investigation, incendiary designs, is a well-designed tale. the story line is obviously crisp and fast-paced. the secondary characters and the lead duo strengthen the plot. however, what makes michael allen dymmoch's novel so good is the best tour of chicago since bueller needed a day off. this is a wonderful series that is worth reading. harriet klausner