Brand : Conair

Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler / Hot Air Brush; 1 1/2-inch; Plum

Melissa aw |

Wow- awesome!

Ok let me first state that i have short, fine hair. i recently cut 7 inches off because my hairdresser promised it would be maintenance free.... hahaha (i fell for it again). i hate spending anytime with my hair and after (trying) to use round brushes and a blow-dryer i was ready to give up. i bought one thing that did not turn (just a brush that had air blowing out) and that was also too much work for me. surprisingly, my male heterosexual coworker said- why not use that thing from tv. but i read the reviews and most were great from this so here we are. i guess i could see how your hair could get caught but i don't have long hair......

Grace.t |

Takes a little while to get used to it, but works great!

You need a little practice to get used to it, but i love it. i have long, fine hair and i bought the styler hoping to get some volume into my hair. volume wise, not so much. or maybe i'm not getting the techniques right. i've seen some youtube instructional videos, it seems to work for them. maybe if you add a little product, it would work better. i just don't like putting stuff in my hair. but, it does give the soft, salon blown dry effect, unlike those of hair straighteners. on the down side: i followed the instructions and blow my hair to 80% dry before using it. but it still takes some time to get your hair styled.

Kindle customer |

Love love this! suprised by bad reviews--in my review i also include my opinion on the complaints.

This brush is amazing. i was hesitant because the bad reviews scared me. one point i read regularly was about the difficulty that of use. i believe it's best to have a few practice sessions to get used to the brush. also, there are many videos demonstrating using this brush on youtube by normal, everyday people. so watch the videos and do some practicing...both when your hair is dry and when your hair is wet. some complained it was heavy. i did not find that the case at all. i found it lighter than my hair dryer (and i have a small dryer). i think the hardest part is getting used to the rotation buttons. in the beginning it was confusing and easy to run the brush in the opposite direction that i wanted or got it gets tangled in my hair. but this is truly not the brushes fault. it's just a matter of practice!!! another complaint is that this brush does not work well for short hair. if your hair is super short i could see this being the case but there are also people doing youtube videos with short hair. during your practice sessions take time and go really slow so you can learn it. when i've used this brush everyone asks me if i just got my hair done. here is how i use it. first i blow dry my hair so it is maybe 60% dry. (practice different levels of wetness to see what works for you). then i use a hair clip and make the back of my hair one big section, clip the rest on the top of my head. dry the back of my hair. next i do another section. i pull the next layer to dry by creating a section starting at my temples and running my fingers around to the back. so i clip the hair higher up closer to the crown of my head. so i have the back hair dry and now i'm working with this middle section. i like working with small sections at a time maybe 1-3 inches wide of hair on the brush. the smaller the section, the easier to work with. then i unclip the rest of the hair at the top of my head and dry that. hope you found this review helpful. i think using really good shampoo and conditioner are key as well. my hair gets tangled super easily so i use a detangler too. have not yet used the heat proof spray they recommend.