Brand : Karen Chance

Inked (Cassie Palmer)

Patricia l. blair |

Good collection of authors

I liked this book, i bought it just for one author but found 2 others that i want to read their works now.

Melindeeloo |

Paranormal 'ink' a great fix for fans of these popular authors

Magical tatoos are the thread that ties together four substantial short stories by popular urban fantasy authors karen chance, marjorie liu, yasmine galenorn and eileen wilks. these stories are just the quick 'fix' to tide us fans over while waiting for the next books in our favorite series but with a nice mix of story, suspense and even a bit of steam they are also great introductions to these authors' wonderful urban fantasy worlds. "skin deep" is chance's third short starring half werewolf war mage accalia (lia) set in chance's alternate las vegas (lia also appeared in "rogue elements" in and "vegas odds" in ) - when lia's full-blooded were-mate goes missing while he's undercover searching for a were-killer, lia must try get in touch with her were-blood in order to find cyrus before he becomes the next victim - i actually really enjoy lia and her mate cyrus and would love to read a full length novel with them in the lead, but even in this short format chance manages to work in a fair amount of backstory (and a little bit of steam) with flashbacks to lia and cyrus' past together. "armor of roses" finds liu's heroine maxine going back in time when she receives a note from the past asking her help. - this was a nice little carve out from the series and it gives just a bit of insight into the reason maxine's demons are so enigmatic when maxine timetravels back to wwii china and meets up with her grandmother. galenorn's "silver etched" is a prequel starring camille set before the sisters left the fae otherworld. while camille is on the hunt for a pervert/murderer she meets and is aided by the sensual dark fae trillion - i am not really a fan of this series (i stopped partway through book four) but i actually really liked this story and it was fun to see the start of camille's relationship with trillion and also to see the misfity half human/fae sisters in the fae world they don't quite fit into. wilks' story, "human nature", runs concurrently time-wise to . when a shifter friend of werewolf "prince" rule is murdered and another shifter is being accused of the crime, rule's mate and fbi magical crimes unit agent lily yu will help to find the truth behind the death - i am a huge fan of wilk's lupi. this is a nice little mystery for lily to solve and wilk's introduces some characters who look like they might have parts to play later on in the series. i think this will work as a stand alone but wilks' rich lupi world and all of the culture of the lupi and the relationship between rule and lily are just hinted at here.

Carmen v. smith |

Great authors!

I've read most of theses authors books before, and for the new author i've never heard about; these stories were great. it makes me what to find the real series to read it all. it opens a new door to a new world