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Into the Wild (DOCUMENTS) (French Edition)

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Excellent read!

I just finished reading this book, i loved it. i felt it was well written, so easy to read and very difficult to put it down. the biography of this young man alexander supertramp is tragic story, but having read this book i found out a lot more than i ever knew about him.

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Into the wild

While i'd seen the movie, this book provided significantly more detail on the life and death of chris mccandless. he was a daring individual, sad he did not survive his adventure into the alaskan wild.

Rainbow l |

Great moral!

Into the wild is an non-fiction novel by jon krakauer about adventures of christopher maccandless. into the wild is about chris grew in a pretty wealthy family. he dissatisfied with his parents who always wants to divorce. he also has many complains about the society. he is tired with it. he chooses to live on his own without telling his family where is he going. finally, he got his destination-alaska.. on his way to alaska, he goes to many different states. he meets many new friends. he leans how to survive on his own. actually many friends tells him that his parents is really worry about him. but chris's obstinate personality makes his journey appears many difficulties, some of them even very dangerous to death. he insists his ambition, and continues his journey. christopher mccandless leaves his family in 1990. he changes his name which symbolizes his new life. he tried to find "lost christopher." on 1992 august, people find his dead body. even though his death is an accident, this what he chose for his life-to leave his family and go to alaska on his own. one interesting part about this book is that the author leaves many parts for us to think about what happen to christopher. he talks many things about christopher's past but he didn't mentioned too much about the investigation. i think this is one of the point that make this book interesting. at least it makes me think about what happen to chris. and maybe his past will related to his death. if the author simply just tell everything about what happen to chris. i don't think this book will be fun to read. krakauer uses magical bus, chris's death as the beginning of the book. from that, it starts talking about his past. at first, i got kind of confusing because the order doesn't seem right which it talks about chris's death first. but this made want to keep on my reading and see what happen to chris. there are several themes about this book. first, you are the one who control your life. you are the one who pick a road to go further your life. sometimes if you pick a wrong road. you may not be able to go back or even it can be the end of the road. in this book, chris is a great example. chris is a very smart teen. he does really good in school. he is a fast learner. he actually has this ability to have a great future. he could find a great job and earn a lot of money. but he didn't choose that. he rather be very hard. go through all these adventures. finally, he wants to go home, but he couldn't. he figures out no matter how smart he is or how much knowledge he has, he couldn't deal with the nature. finally he died from hunger. one touching part is that at the end he called " mom! mom! help me". he noticed that how mush he misses his family. no matter what he wants to achieve, nothing as important as family. for chris, this is a very meaningful experience. for us, we may think this is a stupid decision. that's what i think when i read this book. but after reading this book, i think i learned more about chris's character. i thought krakauer was right in the caused of chris's death. it touched me by his plight regardless of his foolish adventure and the final scenes involving chris's family were emotionally destructive. second theme is that the relationship between father and mother can affect their children. in the book, chris is tired with his parents who always want to divorce. chris is really sick with it. so this is one if the reason that he leave the family. also, communication between children and parents is very important. chris never really tells his parents what he wants and parents don't talk to chris too much. and now when chris's die, everything is too late. if they had good communication. i believe their relationship would go so much better. chris might not leave the house and go to alaska and finally he wouldn't die. last theme is we shouldn't only think of ourselves. we should also think of people around us. chris leaves his family without any notice. do you think it is fair to his family? i highly recommend this book to everyone because this book the author has a very interesting writing method and make this book fun to read. it also makes us to think about what happen to chris instead of telling you what happen right away. that's how it makes me want to keep on reading it to find out the truth. it also has many great morals. our life can be really long or short; no one would know how long are we will live. but our life is full of adventure and inestimable significance. as chris said "if we admit human life to be ruled by reason, the possibility of life will be destroyed." i totally agree with this quote! this is only way that we can live happily.