Brand : Teena Marie

It Must Be Magic

K. eisenberger |

Teena's final motown album.

I originally bought this on cd when it was first put out on the 2 albums on 1 cd gimmick motown did when cds were first issued in the mid 1980's. it didn't matter that some of the tracks were in single form rather than the full length versions found on the original lps. it was teena marie and that is what mattered. well i guess you can't go wrong with 1 cd featuring irons in the fire and it must me magic now can you. this cd is a reissue with 3 bonus tracks. the bonus tracks are the instrumental 12" for "square biz" (6:40) and a live interlude of donny hathaway's "someday we'll all be free" and her own "deja vu (i've been here before)" that are from 1981. all three of the bonus tracks are worth hearing for the teena freaks. now onto the original reason for buying this cd is to get the full version of the 1981 classic gordy lp it must be magic on cd finally. when it was issued in mid 1981 it hit number 2 for 8 weeks on the black album charts and 23 on the pop album charts and for someone that has still never crossed over to white audiences that means a lot. the album as a whole begins and is mostly remembered for the dance tracks on the cd by single releases. "square biz" was issued about 5 months after "rapture" by blondie and in the liner notes teena describes how she had heard debbie harry rapping and loved it but thought she could do it better. well that still is up for debate coming from a debbie harry freak but to me "square biz" more than holds its own and to me is one of the earliest raps that features a female boasting about herself. the track hit number 3 on the r&b and number 50 pop and features a guest from rick james. the second track issued from the collection was the title track "it must be magic" that reached number 30 r&b. this is one of my all time favorites from teena. it is just pure joy from beginning to end and features the vocals of motown legends the temptations.a++++ song. the third track issued was the stunning "portuguese love" that reached number 54 on the r&b charts. this is a teena lead duet with rick james like "fire & desire " was a rick led duet with teena. it is a mixture of latin percussions, flat out jazz and steamy r&b with both singers sexing up the song by the end of the track. at 7:17 it is the longest track of the lp and is now featured on some dance compilations in europe. but for most fans the lp is remembered for her ballads like "where's california" , "opus iii" and the best track on the cd "yes indeed" with patrice rushen on lovely piano. the other up tempo tracks are sheer joy with "365" and "the ballad of cradle rob & me " which was written by prince protege jill jones , who needs to make more music. the track "revolution" i still think is so complex still today it would win a grammy for it's arrangement. so if you are a new fan or an old one like me this remastered edition of it must be magic is a must for the collection of great albums put out by teena marie. a++++

Frank g |

Simply magic!

On her last outing with motown, teena marie delivered not only her best work from the label, but what turned out to be her most successful at the time. beautifully produced with captivating lyrics and vocal arrangements, it must be magic shines throughout! prime cuts: title track, "square biz", "revolution", "where's california".

Jennifer |

Beautiful record

This is a must have record for all teena marie fans. the best songs are yes indeed , where's california , portuguese love and it must be magic.