Brand : JanSport

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack - TAHITIAN ORANGE

Angie kopp |


This backpack in amazing, very durable and holds all 6 of my binders and lunch and jackets. this backpack also holds my phone and pencils and i also use it for traveling and it also works perfectly for that, and is also very cute to walk around with.

Steve & kelly reynolds |

The last bag you will ever need to buy!

These have to be one of the best built backpacks you can get! durable is an understatement with these! besides being almost indestructible, they are designed and laid out well! comfortable to carry even with a ton of books in it! also the patterns and colors available are unbelievable! they have something for everyone! this is a backpack that can last through years of school so try and get one 8n a color or pattern you will enjoy for a long time!

Customer |

Stands the test of time!

Jansport backpacks are amazing. i bought one 16 years ago to use as a diaper bag. that same child carried that same bag to school through her freshman year. she now wanted a different color. so we bought this pink one that i know will last forever. her old bag will now be used again for a diaper bag for twins that i'm expecting. my other kids have had all different bags that have fallen apart within months. these are worth the money!