Brand : JanSport

JanSport Unisex Big Student Multi Stickers Backpack

Marie b. |

Roomy with great organization

Roomy with great organization, and you don't need a pencil case. this is a great large backpack. large enough for a 12 graders books with 4 ap classes and a laptop.

Gb |

Jansport "big student" classic backpack, 34 l/ 2100 cu. in., 5 zippered compartments, best bag around

The "big student" is the perfect all purpose backpack. great for school, also great for travel. it is deservedly famous, and in my opinion it's jansport's best backpack. there must be tens of millions of these made, and these bags are so durable that most of them are probably still in circulation. workmanship, fabric and stitching are all excellent. the zippers are not ykk, but they're perfectly good. the weight is supposed to be 1.5 pounds (24 ounces) but it always feels lighter than that to me in my hand. there are a total of 5 zippered compartments, including one with a keychain holder and mini-organizer for pens and small items. jansport's website says its capacity is 2100 cubic inches, which is 34 liters. it's large enough to stand 2-liter soda bottles upright. you can fit an amazing amount of gear into this bag. i use it for airline travel as my carryon bag. 2100 liters is a lot of capacity. i love this bag. i've had mine for about 5 years and it's never failed me, and despite heavy use it still looks almost new. i recommend the black or navy blue for that reason, but there are almost endless color choices available. if this broke tomorrow, which i don't expect, i would buy exactly the same jansport big student model bag all over again. it's that good. i hope this is helpful as you comparison shop online. happy travels, everybody.

Isabel youngs |

I wear it to school every day with so many ...

I wear it to school every day with so many things inside. it is truly a black hole of amazingness. it will fit what you need. i promise!