Brand : Timothy Dalton

Jane Eyre

Vivian |

Beautifully done

....i will purchase another to gift to a young girl with the book....a very good interpretation of the characters...great for your personal collection...enjoy

Melinda s. |

Zelah clarke was the perfect jane eyre

Zelah clarke was the perfect jane eyre! timothy dalton did a very fine job as mr. rochester as well. the cast was splended.

Library lady |

The best mr. rochester and jane, and faithful to the book!

I decided to borrow four screen versions of "jane eyre" from the library to find my favorite. i watched a 1996, a 1997, a 2006, and this one. timothy dalton transforms from a haughty, bitter rochester to one who has fallen in love with the plain, but dimpled jane. he portrays the constant struggle going on within rochester, and yet conveys the boyish love he is feeling for his "little janet". yes, mr. dalton is too attractive for mr. rochester, but plays him wonderfully. zelah clarke annoyed me the first time i watched it because she seemed to pause so long before speaking her lines. perhaps this was the director's fault. anyhow, she still gives a life to jane that makes her real to me, although she is not as young as jane should be. several lines are directly from the book. i admit i don't watch the episodes with jane as a child repeatedly as i do her adult years. remember this version is at least 5 hours long, so you have to be a true charlotte bronte/jane austen type fan to love it as i do. it definitely brings the most life to the book if you are teaching "jane eyre", even if you only show some of the episodes and not all. the other members of the cast are equally outstanding.