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Jaws [VHS]

Aditya m. rao |

Pure unadulterated fear

Few movies have been able to capture the audience's attention with such a simple opening scene. the brilliant combination of surrealistic lighting, the twilight becoming dawn, and especially and primarily one extremely haunting theme song ensure that speilberg and co. have your undivided attention. jaws capitalised on something that our generation has sadly become desensitised to: the feeling of fear. we've seen it all, whether it be slashers gutting their screaming victims, hideous monsters on deserted spaceships etc. but jaws takes that which we can conceive as very real, the great white shark and makes the audience feel that this could really happen to you. the movie's buildup is fantastic and the climax is simply unforgettable. the sheer malevolence with which scheider delivers his coup de grace in the face of an unblinking monster is definitely one of the greatest cinematic sequences ever captured on celluloid. a must see for all those who are willing to put themselves in the place of the three men on the ship and realise along with them, that they are not necessarily the most ruthless and remorseless beings out there in the wide open sea.

Adam |

A masterpiece

Many people criticize this movie because the shark looks so fake. i refute this with the style of direction by steven spielberg. he is a genius for focusing the story on the attack of the shark, rather than on the shark itself. most of the maulings are done without ever getting a shot of jaws. the openning sequence confirmed the fact that i will never go anywhere near the ocean at night, ever! we don't actually witness the shark until well into the story. this manifests the true horror of the movie. the viewer becomes scared of the water, terrified to progress into the deep of the ocean, because we can't see what's out there and possibly waiting for us. this is the true definition of a horror movie, a flic that scares us using our minds rather than our eyes. also, shaw, dreyfuss, scheidner, and hamilton are brilliant in portraying their characters. your not sure whether to root for the shark or for shaw.

Matthew westhoff |

"we're gonna need a bigger boat"

"we're gonna need a bigger boat." these were the words said by chief brody (roy scheider) to quint (robert shaw) just after brody came face to face with the great white shark that had been terrorizing amity island for weeks. it is at this point in the film that we really, for the first time, see the shark, who is actually the star of the film. roy sheider, richard dreyfuss, and robert shaw offer outstanding performances in this steven spielberg classic that has stood the test of time for over twenty-five years. the dvd is loaded with features that make this worth buying such as a making-of documentary, deleted scenes, a photo gallery, outtakes, trailers and more. and on top of all that, the video transfer is excellent! it offers a nice crystal clear presentation of the film in its widescreen (2.35:1) aspect ratio. and the sound will blow you away!! the quality of this dvd is just incredible, especially considering the film's age! bottom line- just buy it, you will love it! it's as simple as that!