Brand : Candy Korner

Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn - 1 lb..

Rebecca crandell |


They were originally for my son but the entire family ended up gobbling them up! :). not as hot as hot tamales but still delicious!!!

Doug erlandson |

Genuine flavor

I've always found that watermelon is not a particularly easy flavor to replicate in a candy. that's why i prefer these jelly belly watermelon jelly beans. they do a good job of recreating the taste of watermelon. maybe that's because one of the ingredients that's listed is "watermelon juice." if you want the genuine taste, use the genuine article. and if you can eat these in moderation, i've got good news. each jelly bean is just four calories.

Amazon customer |

Husband loves juicy pear jelly belly

Bought for my husband for his birthday and just randomly for a treat. he loves them. will buy a lot more in the future.