Brand : Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, 49 Assorted Flavors, 10-Pound Box

K bischof |

Jelly belly beans

Excellent quantity, so many had lots to share. shipment arrive quickly, though i do think the jelly beans should be in a plastic bag that is then placed inside the box, they were loosely in the box by themselves, so if you order them, open the box carefully as the beans might end up all over.

Yo |

Agree with tammy-shocked

I agree with tammy regarding how they packaged the jelly beans. i was shocked. my husband didn't believe me until i showed him the box. my husband says they probably usually sells these jelly beans to retail stores. but i realized i got a pretty good deal for this online so what can i expect. i still like it and it tastes fine to me. i was just pretty shocked to see the kind of packaging it came in when i ordered the 10 pounds of jelly beans.

Mike callaway |


Got a bunch of beans at a good price, will probably order a bunch of cinnamon alone as it is lovely :)