Brand : Robert Powell

Jesus of Nazareth (Jesus de Nazareth) [NTSC/REGION 1 & 4 DVD. Import-Latin America]

Lee mansfield |

Jesus of nazareth

It is the best movie about the life of christ, i have seen in along time. the other movies were good. but, they did not have the depth that this movie portrayed. i thought robert powell was fantasic as jesus. he showed his divinity as well as humanity when he lived among people on earth. we need more movies like this one. instead of the junk that is on tv and motion pictures. more values instead of trash. this is my opinion. thanks, lee mansfield

Ann daluz |

Nearly perfect

While some of the facts in this movie i am told are not biblically correct, the movie itself was well done.

Janet l. weddle |

Nothing else matches this film

Maybe it's that this film came out when i was a young christian, so it brings back great memories for me, but in my mind it does a better job than any other movie of telling the story of jesus. we usually watch one disc the first night, and finish up the second night. i love the music, the people, and the way the scenes look beautiful and timeless. robert powell as jesus was somehow able to convey the impression that this ordinary-looking man is really god come in the flesh.