Brand : John Robinson

Johnny's Jukebox Trivia: 1,001 Fantastic Questions from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll

Mitch |

What fun!

A fan of robinson's radio and t.v. efforts for years, i was thrilled to see he's compiled his famous trivia questions into book form. thanks, john :)

Sonya young-riemer |

Great book.

Have listened to jukebox johnny for a few years now and really respect the work and effort he puts into his broadcasts. always enthusiastic and knowledgeable. i know he must put hours into his research and networking. great book.

Larry estlack |

Great, fun stuff

Very fun book to spend an evening with...alone or with friends. lots of fun testing yourself and others. much of this stuff is not that well-known, which makes it all the more enjoyable. i wish there was a second volume...maybe someday?