Brand : Joiot

Joiot 4-Port USB 3.0 Data Hub with 3.3ft Long USB 3.0 Cable [Update VIA VL813 Chipset], No Charging

Xenos |

Great value. does what it says.

What i mostly wanted was a hub that will not disconnect usbs when we move the cables and the hub. this one did the job and also seems to be made of quality materials, its fast and with beautiful/convenient design.

Lars |


The unit was very well packed. it expands the 2 usb ports on my laptop to 4, which is why i bought it.

Mbb0623 |

Joiot 4-port mini compact usb 3.0 data hub

This is a usb 3.0 hub, and as such, it has a higher data transfer rate than usb 2.0/2.1. it is also backwards compatible with usb 2.0/2.1 devices. this hub was used to back up several pcs to external usb hard drives. the hub itself has an input for a power adapter, but none is supplied with the hub. it has four usb ports, which i would consider the minimum that a proper hub should supply. the construction of the hub seems to indicate that it should hold up to normal wear and tear. i have had the experience of a usb hub falling apart after several months of usage in the past; that does not appear to be the case in this instance. this should be a good hub to keep in a case or bag with a laptop/notebook, tablet, or other mobile device that uses the standard usb "a" connectors. i received a discount for my honest and unbiased review.