Brand : Mon Platin

Jojoba Crystal Wax 8.5 OZ (250 ML)

Abraham canales |

Great wax and great price

I have been using this wax for about 4 years now! my hair salon first used it on me and i fell in love! holds your hair really really good and no flakes and smells pretty good too. i have a very very short cut though, so i cant review for people with longer hair but it looks really great for me and works amazing. i haven't used another wax in years. only thing is i bought a brand new tub and the damn airline threw it away the next day! talking about i can't take this? so if anyone who travels and loves this wax be very weary, they through away a brand new unopened tub! :[

Phillip r |

Way better than creme

Not sure how it took me so long to find hair wax! way better than creme, pomade, get etc. i still use gel every now and again when i want the rel wet look and need solid hold. this wax is great for daily use as you can easily fix your hair after taking a sweater or hoodie off. it also washes out with just water!

Barak ben abu |


Strong and the best for styling hair spyki or difrent is the best i love it go for it it prove himself