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Julius Caesar SparkNotes Literature Guide (SparkNotes Literature Guide Series)

Janet bishop |


This 'no fear' series is wonderful. i would not have found studying othello easy without it. a wonderful tool to help learn the language of shakespeare.

L. a. goodman |

Read before watching

It was great to take macbeth on my kindle on the plane. it was good that i decided to reread the play before seeing a "tweaked" performance, which placed the setting in pre-taliban afghanistan. i was able to follow the play a lot better. it was fun spotting the differences. since macbeth is shakespeare's shortest play, it was easy to get it read on vacation. it was also fun highlighting the famous quotes from the play, such as "by the pricking of my thumbs..."

Ladywish |

One of shakespeare's best...

I love this play for so many reasons. it has everything - betrayal, intrigue, political aspirations, and the rise and downfall of a tyrannic king. richard iii is second only to iago in pure evil and cruelty. he is manipulative and just as ugly on the inside as the hump on his back. it is amazing that he can seduce the beautiful lady anne although she detests him after he has murdered her husband. my most favorite part of this play, though is the former queen margaret, who is seen as she supernatural force of this play, and in more modern productions, she is omitted because of her predictions, but i believe that she is an integral part of the telling of this story - she is strong, funny and haunting - all of her predictions become true. one of my absolute favorites!!