Brand : Yuyi Morales

Just In Case: A Trickster Tale and Spanish Alphabet Book

Toki8th grader |

The book was very good in my opinion because it had very good illustrations

Just in case by: yuyi morales characters are senor calavera,grandma beetle, zelmiro the ghost, grandpa zelmiro.the setting took place in grandma beetle’s birthday party.the plot of just in case is he buys all these things for grandma beetle and a disaster strikes.the book was very good in my opinion because it had very good illustrations.the illustrations were very colorful with dark and pretty colors and it show the mood of the story by the illustrations and had very cool favorite character was senor calavera because he was the main character and he had good color to him.i believe there is nothing i do not like in this book.the book also had a very good morale to the story. i believe that it would be a very good book for kids and young adults because it would help them in the future for buying their families gifts.i also believe that a lot of people would be interested in this book because of the book show how we naturally act when going to a birthday party. it also had a very fun,interesting and good adventure which made the book very awesome.

Amazon customer |

Mesmerizing book

This story is so magical! i used to read this to the toddler i was a nanny for; he didn't have many words, but he could ask for "just in case". now i read it to my babies and they love listening to the cadence and looking at the beautiful artwork. it's a long read for a young child, but they are so mesmerized that they don't fidget until it's over.

G rider |

I would love to be tricked by senor calavera!

When i look at the artwork of yuyi morales i say, "how does she do it?!" she brings such magic, movement and color to each page in such a fresh and unique way. she weaves this wonderful love story (following just a minute) through the alphabet. the kindly ghost of zelmiro tricks senor calavera into doing just that right thing. magic, amazing and wonderful. how could you not love this story!