Brand : Maurice "Mo" Murray

Just Snap Your Fingers and...Bingo You're Sober!

Maximillian muhammad |

Very engaging book

This book is about the author maurice murray who talks about recovering and dealing with demons that lead to various kinds of alchol and other addictions that you might be dealing with or going through or know someone who is dealing with it. very engaging and eye opening book that will make you see within yourself for that guiding light of hope and strength and make you reflect through all the surrounding and possibilitys. very enlightening book and very detailed.

Andrea barros |

A book worth reading

The author's intelligent persepctive brings a practical composite of how to succeed in ridding oneself from the addictive habit of alchohalism. the author is pragmatic and sensitve to what it takes to fight for a cure.

C. middleton |

Light -hearted approach though very profound

I believe it was the swiss psychiatrist, carl jung, who told one of the founders of a.a., that in order for him to recover from his alcoholism, he must have some sort of "spiritual experience", so profound that his addiction to the drink would be overwhelmed, thus leading a life of sobriety. to be sure, i believe jung to be correct because "bill", one of the founders of a.a., did have a religious experience, going on to create one of the more successful organizations in the treatment of this disease. in murray's book, his message is essentially the same: deep spirituality combined with severe habit changes, accomplished through self hypnosis can turn the tides for the addict. murray does not actually write it, but life is 90% attitude, or more importantly, how one responds to the hardships and vagaries of life. alcoholism is a devastating disease not only for the addict but those around them, (family, friends and loved one's) who truly love the alcoholic. they not only take themselves down but also those around them. only those who have experienced this really knows the awful reality of this condition and how it destroys everything. this is a great little book, and if followed some might indeed experience something spiritual, god, and begin to walk on the road to recovery. a.a. is not for everybody. this book could well be for you or perhaps someone you know. included in this text is "footprints" by mary stevenson. i remember this short, one page story as a child and it having a major affect on me at the time. "mo" murray should be commended for devising a light yet profound approach for the treatment of this disease. very well done!