Brand : Dominick Dunne

Justice: Crimes, Trials, and Punishments

Nancy |

Dominick dunne does it his way......

I bought this for my dear aunt,who suffers from macular degeneration, which has left her unable to read. she loved it! my family has always been fans of the late dominick dunne and his chatty, spilling the beans style of reporting on trials of the rich and infamous. included are the cases of claus von bulow, martha moxley and o.j. simpson. a can't miss for true crime aficionado's........

Tom bruce |

Not justice; justice denied

In this collection of 19 essays, which originally appeared in "vanity fair" magazine, dominick dunne presents nine true accounts of crimes, trials, and punishments, mostly delayed or denied. he begins with his own wretched first experience with the debacle of the american court system, in which his own daughter was violently murdered, and the guilty served a sentence of only 2 ½ years. ten of the essays deal with the o.j. simpson case. dunne always believed o.j. was guilty of the double murders, and he presents what happened at the trail and sketches of the participants in a straightforward manner that would convince all but the most stubborn. one essay deals with the menendez brothers trail for the murder of their parents, another case where the victims are victimized again. the other essays deal with lesser known, but no less sensational crimes. what comes out of these episodes is a realm of society that few of us know well: multi-divorces, extra-marital affairs, extravagant spending, high-flying life styles, cut throat business dealings. it is as fascinating to read, as it is repugnant. dunne is an outsider who has gained admittance to the inner thoughts and dealings of this nether world and brings it to us unflinchingly. highly recommended.

Reviewer |


There are 2 things that must be done: 1. the criminal behind bars. 2. i should get my reputation back.