Brand : H. N. Turteltaub


Bunny bear |

Entertaining, but horrible story

One of the most craziest stories i've ever read. justinian can be grouped together with other world famous mass killers (stalin, hussein, hitler, ivan, ...) for all i know. he makes an excellent case for a character analysis. makes you wonder how this guy could have taken the path that he took. also provides a good example of religious hypocrisy. how people screw up second chances is another theme. enjoy! or maybe, read with caution.

Byz |

Dead on accurate

Justinian is not only exciting and well written, but also extremely accurate in terms of both history and period detail. of course, that's hardly surprising, considering that mr. turteltaub (a.k.a. turtledove) has a ph.d in the subject...

Saga |

A novel by a man who understands the period

The story of justinian ii, emperor of the romans, is done justice here and makes for one great epic. turtletaub is better known as sci-fi writer, harry turtledove. this book should interest anyone who is interested in the byzantine empire, the early middle ages, or just anyone who likes a good story centered around a self-important mean-spitit who is consumed with a lust for power and revenge.