Brand : KEYAMA

KEYAMA High-grade Acrylic Sector Grid Carpet stair treads Stair mats Free tape Non skid Stair rugs Non Slip Stair carpets Decorative Staircase (Set of 15) 9"W x 31"L Red (C)

Amazon customer |


Beautiful look for stairs did not use the tape but small brass brads hold tread very well very happy with this product

Orlando x. |

... for about a month now and they are truly awesome. they stick nicely and do not move

Had these for about a month now and they are truly awesome. they stick nicely and do not move. my four young kids run up and down them and they stay secure. just beautiful! well worth every penny!!

Evonnyoh |

Probably saved my elderly dog's life

Grain of salt: it hasn't even been 24 hours, so time may change my mind. that said, i haven't been compelled to review a product so favorably in a long while. my elderly dog was having trouble maneuvering the wooden steps in our new house since we moved in, and when she took a tumble from top to bottom (she's ok - we had her checked over for injuries), we knew we had to do something fast. i ordered these, worried over the cost and quality, worried that they'd slip all over and kill us all, worried that they would provide enough traction even if they didn't slip, i even bought rug tape just in case.... all of that was needless. we got them last night and i stayed up late carefully removing the protective film and placing them on the steps. guys, those things aren't going anywhere. i tried to budge them, and they wouldn't budge. they look nice, too, which was a bonus, although red personally isn't my taste (i hated brown more). my husband wanted this style, and i wanted my dog to be safe. if there was one thing that could be better about this, it would be that these would be longer, since my dog insists on walking down side by side, so one of us isn't on the mats, but i'll just train her to go single file.