Brand : SENHAI

KOTTON EACH G2000 Gaming Headset Earphone 3.5mm jack with LED Backlit and Mic Stereo Bass Noise Cancelling for Computer Game Player by SENHAI(Black + Blue)

Jennifer whitman |

A must have headset for gamers!!!!

Kotion each g2000 is a great headset! it's perfect for my son's uses for his online games out there! plus he uses for his xbox one and xbox 360 and ps4. i used it for about an hour and half in one of my games. i could hear everyone perfectly and they could hear me just like i was there with them. my son could hear everyone perfectly and he could hear me just like i was there with him. i used it to video chat and for a face book call too so they are just a good all around headset! i love how it's made very high quality. it is very heavy duty, sturdy so i'm not too worried about it when my son tosses it on the floor. the wires are covered with a nice braided black and blue thick fabric too! it even came with an attachment to let me plug it into my cell phone! my son loves listening to music on my phone so he just plugs in the headphone set. it has a mic on off switch in case you want to speak about something privately and not be over heard by those on your game or chat. my son uses that switch a lot. it also has a rotary volume control in case it gets a bit loud in the game or video! love the blue color and so does my son. they are wear very comfortably, not too heavy on the head. there is a good amount of soft skin safe leather like padding too! it also has a great 1 year warranty and that is excellent to have with kids. the kotion each g2000 was sent to me at a discounted rate or for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review. this is an excellent but.

Stephanie rose |

Great headset

This headset is awesome. it's well made and sturdy. it's not a flimsy headset. it has some weight to it. it comes with several connectors so you can use it gaming or even on your phone. it has a volume button and a switch to mute the mic so people can't hear you if you need to have a conversation with someone in the house. the wires are covered in fabric so it makes the wires sturdier. that's a plus for this active family. i love the versality of this headset. it has many many uses. i bought this headset fora discount in order to leave my thoughts.

Melanie speights |

Awesome headset. i love the new head set

Awesome headset. i love the new head set. it sounds so much better than the ones i have used in the past. it gives me a surround sound like i have never heard before. it actually makes me feel like i am in the game. i also love the voice activated feature. its great not to have to push a button to talk to other gamers online. the other players online that i usually play with have also noticed an improvement in the sound of my voice when i communicate with them. this is an all around solid system. i received this item at a discount for my unbiased and honest opinion