Brand : KastKing

KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line 500M (550 Yards)/1000M(1100 Yards) Advanced Superline

Richard h falletti |

Great braid for half the price !!!

Great braid, my grandson and i have it on all are reels, spinning and bait caster's gave a good work out for 3 weeks on clear lake here in calif. worked great, very strong, abrasion proof, my grandson has been using it here in sf bay no issues at all ! and the price is fantastic !

Geo arbelo |

Durable and affordable

Love this line. i've had it on my reel for over 3 years and i'm an avid fisherman. i'm on the water 150-200 times per year easily. and this line has held up perfectly. the color does fade a little but that's expected and normal for any braid. i've landed big 200 pound sharks on 30 pound test and i've landed 20 pound muttons this line has held through it all. for the price and quality this is probably the best deal

Danny |

I put it on 3 of my salt poles and i'm glad i chose kayaking

I can't believe it was so cheap for what i got. i put it on 3 of my salt poles and i'm glad i chose kayaking. i pulled several snapper up with it and managed to fill 500yds of line on my 3 reels for a few bucks