Brand : CamKing

Kids Digital Camera ,CamKing Mini 1.5 Inch Screen Children's Camera (Pink)

Quinn |

Educational and fun

I bought this camera for my 4 year old granddaughter for a birthday gift, she absolutly loved it. the colour is a real girly pink (it also comes in blue) the camera itself is sturdy and easy for a four year old to use. my granddaughter likes to create her pictures using the different features found on the camera, she also enjoys the games.the camera is educational and fun,i would not hesitate to give this product 10/10.

Michael |

Good for young children!

This is the second time i am purchasing this, first time for my daughter and this time for my niece. kids really love these cameras, they can snap away where ever they go.thank you!

Saginario |

Good value camera

My 5 yrs old loves the camera! it's a great gift.i would recommend it!easy to use and great value for money.