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Kill Bill Volume One and Two (2 Pack) With Collectible Tarantino Samurai Sword (Plastic) (Blu-Ray)

Brent kelley |

2 full featured discs for one low price, fantastic movies!

2 full featured discs at one low price. kill bill is a gripping, exciting revenge story that never lets up for a second. volume 1 is my personal favorite and is more action packed, where volume 2 is more story driven. absolutely fantastic, quality filmmaking at work here. not a ton of extras available but the "making of" sections are a blast to watch (after the movie of course). high quality video and sound on the blu-ray releases, highly recommended.

Phil hiotis |

You want blood... tarantino doesn't disapoint.

This is clearly the most entertaining movie i've seen all year. i was laughing the whole way through (is that sick or what). i swear to what ever god you believe in, tarantino had to have killed at least 5 people in order to get the proper effects and sounds for this movie. tarantino yet again impresses me with the style of his movies, the way he presents it, the plot turns, the dialogue (in the world of the wachowski bros. and michael bay... it's hard to find a movie with great dialogue). people were literally standing up in the theatre yelling "woah!!!!" i haven't seen anything like that since independence day... but of course that movie was horrible. definetly 2 thumbs up, 4 stars, whatever see this now!


Tarantino's violent cheese-fest

I liked this film so much more than i thought i would. it clearly does not take itself too seriously; the trademark violence found in every quentin tarantino flick is present here also, but it's so over the top, it's cartoonish. supposedly, gallons upon gallons of fake blood were used in the making of "kill bill", which was originally intended to be released as one complete, 3+ hour movie, but then it was split into two volumes so as not to make the moviegoer sit through a marathon, as in the case of the three "lord of the rings" films.