Brand : William Shakespeare

King Richard II (BBC TV Shakespeare)

Rachel |

As expected

Took longer to arrive than had i hoped, but not longer than i was promised. it was exactly as described.

Readingismylife |

Not my favorite shakespeare book

I liked the book, but i would have preferred romeo and juliet a lot more than this. i spent a great deal of time going over every single word with my whole class. i have probably even memorized half of the book. there is some great points in it that wont leave me forever, but all in all i'm 15 years old and it's not my favorite book.

Priscilla |

Best edition of shakespeare's macbeth

"macbeth" is one of shakespeare's most powerful plays. without doubt, audiences always remain guessing as they read the powerful speeches of macbeth and his wife, who change dramatically during the story. the plot is not shakespeare's most clever or most genius, but beautiful nonetheless!! and the best part is, thru this play, shakespeare shows us that people are good at heart, even if corrupted within their lives. which version of "macbeth" to buy? definitely this one. the right pages provide the original play, while the left page provides definitions for old or hard vocabulary. there are also plot summaries before each scene. in addition to page numbers, each page also indicates act and scene, making the search for certain passages extremely easy. the lines are, of course, numbered, for easy reference (if you're reading this as a school assignment.) and of course, the stage directions are included too. a very helpful edition of shakespeare's work.