Brand : Microsoft

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - Xbox 360

B & k klinko |

A blast with four friends!

This game is just average, or ok if you go it alone through campaign, but where the game shines is its co-op gameplay. this is similiar to what oblivion could have been had you been able to unite with friends online. if oblivion etc is not your bag, then not for you.

Indiana gamer |

Not as bad that some might think

Ok first off i will be giving you my review of kingdom under fire circle of doom for the xbox 360 . ok first off the enemy ai what little is there is no major issue for most gamers . you will be at some point have alot of monsters around you to kill . so this is where you will be able to button smash big time to kill them all and still walk out alive . if you happen to die for some reason could have had a distraction and lost your focus . in most other battels it will seem like no way i can live . if you can keep getting your attacks off can walk out real easy with little damage done to you. the controls for the most part of this game is not real bad at all . in the verry first area of the game you will be able to learn the control system . you can also read the info with the game first , but its better to learn first hand . so once you have learned the control system honestly things you got to do later on will be easy as pie . the graphics seem to fit this game good , at some points reminded me of two worlds for the 360 . the zone details to me look real good and character detail seems great . the audio is not all that bad at times but most anybody will want to adjust the music setting to low or off . the fighting sounds of you fighting the npcs in the game seems to fit with the game fine . the game play for the most to me seemed good cause i went in thinking that all or some would be bad . so after a good while playing the game i was really shocked that i did enjoy playing it. like i covered above the ai is not to hard at times and had to button smash alot . your also able to boost your characters skills up to boost health and damage . if you have played other games where you have to do this wont be no problem here . if your new to this type of game take your time and watch where you place the points for your character . the online part of the game can also add in some great action like most other games you can do on xbox live . the fun factor for me with kingdom under fire circle of doom overall was really good . i came into this game looking at different things most other gamers seem to over look and was able to give you all a solid review for this game . the question that might pop in most of your minds is this game worth buying or would it fall under the renting mark . i would honestly say after playing the game for a good while its well worth getting if your into this type . also far as renting goes it always helps out . if you was wanting to get this for a gift later on renting it first and seeing what its like will help out greatly . the replay value like in most other games is not all that bad . if you played the first time as one class you might want to try a different one later on . final thought i really had a fun time with kingdom underfire circle of doom . i would say it's a game worth buying or renting but the final choice is yours to do . i hope this review has helped you out in whatever way you decide to go . happy gaming !

Gary drake |

A long-awaited sequel.

A wonderful game that many of us who used the series on the original xbox were waiting for. great graphics and realistic action for players of all skill levels.