Brand : Archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl

Kon-Tiki (Enriched Classics )

Bethany willis |

Classic, true story of adventure!

This is a good true tale of high adventure. i first read it when i was about 12, and it made a huge impact on me as a young fella. i got this one for my son to read. it is a sort of a gritty story, but without a lot of content or debauchery which would make it inappropriate for those concerned with that sort of thing. also, i got this as a paperback, rather than a digital download; this is a book you stuff into a bag and take along with you, and it would just feel wrong reading it on an i-thing.

Tomas emch |

A great book for all ages.

This is a great book and i think its shameful that its not required to read in school. its a true adventure for the author and his friends. and teaches lessons about life through the story.

Ezd |

Interesting story of one man's theory of how the pacific islands were settled and how he set out to prove it was possible.

Read this book many years ago and wanted to reread it while cruising on the viking star which honors thor heyerdahl in it's explorer lounge.