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Kukla, Fran and Ollie: The First Episodes, Vol. 3

James levell |

So much happiness. what a treasure

So many memories; so much happiness. what a treasure. i loved this show when i was a kid; i love it even more today via these wonderful dvds. if you enjoyed kfo when you were a kid, you won't go wrong adding these dvds to your collection. in the "salute to utica" episode on volume 3, fran allison sings a lovely song which is possibly titled "in december." does anyone out there know if this song has ever been recorded by fran allison (or any other vocalist)? i have searched the internet with no satisfactory results; perhaps i have the title incorrect. jim levell - milford, pa

Margaret l. porter |

Kukla. fran and ollie vol. 3

This is a very good album of kfo. a lot of extras in it like gommy's home movies are excellent. it's well worth owning

Jazz person |

An absolute treasure!

This is an unforgettable collection of some of the greatest television in the history of the medium. each character has an original identity. kukla, ollie, beulah, fletcher... all of them. and fran allison is magical. she is the one, her belief in each character, that makes each episode so alive and so memorable. i think that, as an artist, burr tillstom is utterly without peer. this collection radiates love.