Brand : A. M. Marcus

Kyle's Smile

Michelle |

The value of "paying it forward" in a nutshell.

I sat down with my 9 year old son who usually doesn't have the patience to sit down and read a book. we read this book together and just when i thought he didn't want to keep going, he actually wanted to know what was going to happen next! i love that it's easy to read through and doesn't have long clumps of text. it's straight to the point and teaches the value of paying it forward in a clear and very exemplifying way, so children can understand it easily and actually want to try it. i definitely want to read more of a. m. marcus's books.

Prisrob |

Such a good feeling

This is the time of year that we give thanks for everything positive in our lives. how wonderful to see a smile on people's faces this time of year. do you know what one little smile can do? the author, assaf marcus was a computer engineer. all of his life he has been interested in children's learning, and when he decided to start writing children's books, he decided " each and every story would be based upon some deep issue, value, or virtue that can potentially make a huge impact on the lives of both children and adults. he has a vast collection of quotes, and usually bases his stories off of quotes he personally finds inspiring." this is a wonderful iearning tool, and his books do speak to children. kyle was a wonderful little boy with a winning smile. one day he met a man who looked sad, and kyle gave him a big smile. the smile affected the man so much, he decided to give someone else the benefit of his good feelings, so he passed this good feeling to a hew person, who passed it on. when you read this book you will be so pleased to see what happens when strangers do a good deed. parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children. they and their children will all be smiling by the end of the book. the illustrations by keith gutierrez are bright and vivid and depict the adventures of all of the people in this story. what a wonderful way to start or end your day. note: book provided for review. recommended. prisrob 11-28-14

Kayb |

How to be kind and caring to others

Mr. marcus shows how a smile can be contagious in a good way, starting with one young boy named kyle. it's much like the pay it forward idea. many people can be affected in a positive manner by one simple positive action.