Brand : Simon Joinson

Landscapes and Cityscapes: The Digital Photographer's Handbook (Digital Photographer's Handbook)

Claudia mcgill |

Very practical and helpful

This book, while concentrating on landscape photography, can be used as an intro guide for all kinds of digital work. easy to use format allows you to work through a project while introducing you to techniques you can then explore further on your own. i've recommended it to several people, including a couple of very experienced film photographers, and everyone has found it to be a good resource. note that this book doesn't explain photoshop or other photo editing programs, though it incorporates them, but is organized by project or function that the photographer wants to accomplish. if you want a tutorial on photo-editing programs, this book will not meet this purpose. i do think the book is very accessible to beginners, and that it has something to offer to all digital photographers. i believe the clarity of the writing and the step by step format of the book make this possible.