Brand : Jim Wilson

Landscaping With Native Trees: The Northeast, Midwest, Midsouth & Southeast Edition

David c. gifford |

Native trees

Excellent book on native trees. used it as a guide in choosing trees to plant. have not been disappointed in the choices.

Jo in northern mi |

Excellent info and reader friendly reference book.

Although this is an older book, it is very well done and still relevant. good photos, lots of text in conversational style, interesting information yet reader friendly. i like the inclusion of problems with the species and an interesting "comments" section for each tree. it also includes the value of tree fruits to wildlife and humans. this is a book i will use as a first choice reference on native trees. in fact i like it better than the new 2004 edition by same authors: native trees for north american landscapes.the older version is in larger print and sub-sections of each species information are in bold print making it easier to locate specific information.

A. customer |

Great source of information on native trees

I recently moved to a property pretty much void of trees. so i wanted to plant trees, and i wanted to do it right by planting native trees. i've never taken an interest before, so i needed help. this book is great. it starts with an introduction.... why natives are better, where to get them, how to plant them. next, what i really like is a chart of native trees. it gives a silhouette of the trees, so you can get an idea of the shape and size of each tree. then it goes on to give a description of each tree, including it's range, and problems, and author's comments. for someone like me who doesn't know anything about this, this book has been a great source of information. i have already recommended it to friends who are interested in planting native trees.