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Le Cinquième élément - Édition Format Superbit

Fiftherelement |

Fifth element

Great cult sci-fi flick. hasn't lost anything over time. hard to believe it's 13 years old. looks great in blu-ray

David d |

A movie that will be remembered

Yes yes it's the best scifi movie ever. original soundtrack, believable world, great humor, quotable lines, and characters you get attached to. not to mention a solo performance that became a cult classic that was filmed live with a virgin audience. guns, explosions, spaceships, energy, beauty, suspense, drama, love, and good vs. evil.

Jeff rundberg |

A cinematic masterpiece!

The fifth element is one of the finest pieces of cinema ever made, in my opinion. luc besson became my hero after writing and helming this masterpiece. it is a perfect blend of thrill ride action, comedy, sci-fi, and drama. basically it has everything you need in a movie. the greatness of this film starts with the story. luc besson penned something original and highly imaginative (a rarity these days in mainstream cinema) in this story of a supreme being that must save earth every 5,000 years from some source of pure evil. i know that sounds kind of cheesy, but it's not. add to this a phenomenal cast fully capable of bringing the multitude of colorful, well-written characters to life. we're talking bruce willis, gary oldman, ian holm, milla jovovich, and chris tucker to name a few. bruce willis can't go wrong in his role as korben dallas, and ex-military now cab driver living in a futuristic mega city. yes i realize that the character is very similar to some of his other roles (like in the die hard series and the last boy scout), but he does it so well that his perfomance is effortless. and what more do you need to say about gary oldman? i've never seen a bad performance out of him, even when playing an over the top (especially in costume design) corporate tyrant named zorg, with aspirations of ruling the world, like in this film. i would also like to acknowledge milla jovovich. she has never really gotten much recognition for her acting, but she should for this movie alone. what kind of experience can you draw upon to play an immortal supreme being that is reawakened every 5,000 years for one purpose: save the world. whatever she used, it worked. milla is very believable (in the context of the movie, that is, as the movie is highly unbelievable in general) as first a naive alien in a strange world and later as a butt-kicking perfect supreme being. the ultimate edition dvd is excellent. it has the superbit version of the film and that alone is worth it. the movie has long been a reference disc and for good reason. beautiful photography, incredible special effects, and an immersive surround mix thrive in a good home theater system. my highest recommendation!