Brand : LeapFrog.

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet, Green

Nkiv |

Love the progress emails from leapfrog

We bought this for our son who just turned 3. he's had it about a month and i am so happy i went with this model. we got a great deal during the holiday season and bought it for cheaper than i've ever seen it. ($64.99) my son has used our ipad in the past so this was super easy for him to use. we brought it with us on a trip to florida and i was impressed with its battery life. i don't usually write reviews for products but today i received an email to let me know the progress he made on a demo game (human body: captain plasma's adventure) it said he'd answered 25 questions in a row correctly! i love that they sent me a progress email and that he's learning not just playing a mindless game. this was such a great buy. i highly recommend!

Renee bergeron |

Best leappad yet

We have owned nearly every version of leapfrog's leappads. this is my far the best. the screen is bigger, the wifi is kid-safe and i love the addition of the imagicard. my kids are enjoying the extra element this adds to play. this leappad is enjoyed on by my 5-12 year olds.

Lcm |

Our toddler loves his leappad..and so do we !!

Our 2 1/2 year old loves his "frogpad" as he calls it. seriously, loves it!!! he has quickly mastered this electronic device beyond our belief and has learned a lot from the learning games and videos. we have purchased several add-on apps and they have been a great addition to his learning experience, especially since he can watch the tv show and then play the corresponding game. what we love most is that he has a natural love of learning and this product truly reinforces that for!!! we are actually on our second leappad because the first one...well, letʻs just say it went missing one night, and our son was so upset, as were we...only to discover it in the garden (of all places!) the next day after a big rain storm; guess he thought it would be fun to take it outside without our realizing it. ugh. there were lots of tears when it was clear that it was dead to the world after spending a few days in a bag of rice to help dry it out. thank goodness grandma came to the rescue and bought him a new one, which he was beyond thrilled about. games reloaded, he was ready-to-go. then, the other night, i accidentally plugged in the old leapad thinking it was the new one...and wouldnʻt you know it, the thing started up without a hitch. what!?!? hahaha, so now we have 2 leapads and he couldnʻt be happier, because when he misplaces one (like in the sea of couch cushions)...we have the other one as a backup. the moral of this long winded review is that this leappad is awesome and we love that you can download games or use a cartridge when the memory gets full. you can also uninstall games to make room for new ones, etc. i do wish it had more memory, but for now it is perfect. highly recommend!!