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Learning to Drive [Blu-Ray] [Region B, Import - Germany]

White mike |

Learning to love in post 9/11 new york

I loved this movie because i have sikh friends in india and i have been to new delhi to visit them twice---- once to my friend's wedding.i think that this is a good example of how kind and loving and sincere sikhs are and and how much they value their religion and beliefs. the nicest people in the world and i mean that. if you are as fortunate in life as i have been and have the opportunity to know, love or have a friend who is sikh ? probably the best friend you will ever be lucky enough to have !!!!

Connie mack |


Wonderful 'quiet' slice of life story. two of my favorite actors. it's just a delightful movie and a good ending. i would say it's a "feel good" movie. recommend!

James blase |

Amazon prime hits one out of the park again

A very fine film, well written, directed, and acted. i like it's very understated presentation and story development; an unlikely, cross-cultural friendship that enhances both lives. it's refreshing to encounter a film today that is successful without all the flash-bang-in-your-face cgi, violence and graphic sex. the sexual tension is an undercurrent used expertly and in just the right amount. the main character arcs are explored and developed perfectly. other reviewers have given a synopsis; so i will not be redundant here. suffice it to say that this was a very entertaining and uplifting movie experience for me; and feel confidant that it will be the majority of film fans everywhere. another good pick from amazon prime.