Brand : Martin Popoff

Led Zeppelin: All the Albums, All the Songs

W. belanger |

Martin popoff hits another home run!

I kid martin about my library having a “martin popoff wing”, but i do have a number of his books, and always enjoy his unique - and sometimes iconoclastic - perspectives and his brisk, occasionally humorous way with words. this book is no different; despite the enormous pile of zep books out there (many of which i have), i learned things i didn’t know and saw pictures i’d never seen. this is a worthy and important addition to lz literature, and from me comes highly recommended.

Brian smolik |

The definitive zeppelin book!

Having just finished reading this, i can say i thoroughly enjoyed it from front to back. beginning with the cover design itself, and journeying through the pages within, the books layout is well thought out, and the accompanying pictures add a visual treat to the proceedings. (many of the photos are fairly rare and a few i have never seen) martin's unique and enjoyable narrative style makes this a very easy read, and given his vast knowledge of music across all spectrums, his musings towards each individual song are pretty much spot on. additionally i found it very interesting to gain knowledge on what equipment was used, tunings, recording techniques, etc; as well as the insight offered by some of those involved,. (most books on zeppelin rarely touch on this topic). having read practically every book out there on zeppelin, i have to rank this one as my favourite of the bunch. it's sole focus is on the music, which after all, is why zeppelin fans are so passionate about the band. any fan of led zeppelin owes it to themselves to get this book in their hands! thanks martin, for yet another excellent publication!!!

Jon christopher |

One for the zeppelin freaks and fanatics!

Martin popoff's latest book is a another winner, in a long line of great books. as the title says, all the albums, all the songs. martin goes in depth with great detail and critique with some amazing photographs in this beautiful hardcover book. so break out your zeppelin albums and read along!