Brand : Tim F. LaHaye

Left Behind (Large Print): A Novel of the Earth's Last Days |

I couldn't get enough of this book

When i finished this book i immediately start reading the tribulation force. it strengthened my faith in christianity. a must read book for everyone except the the devil and the antichrist. it will bum their trips out. tim and jerry keep up the excellent work, but can you get the sequals out faster? just kidding.


Left behind review

I read this book certain that as a devout catholic i would not enjoy it. i was wrong. i couldn't put the book down. i disagree with some of the reviews i've read. i feel the book was well written, interesting, and eye-opening. the authors may have a number of reasons for writing this book, just as we, as readers, have a number of reasons for reading it. read it with an open mind. enjoy and think.


It will keep you at the edge of your seat asking for more

For those out there who claim to know "something" about the bible i say not only left behind is a must read book, the entire series (left behind, tribulation force, nicolae: rise of antichrist, soul harvest) is a must have for your collection. with the soon to be released 5th book apollyon it can only get better.